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Request for Quote Response

Thank You for your Request for Quote (RFQ).

For standard price book products and parts, please refer to our Forney Standard Applications Guide for your quote.  The document includes Prices & Lead Times.

If your RFQ is for custom products, please fill out the Credit Application form and return to To help us get you a timely quote and for export compliance, the end user and location will be required. Please note these checks can typically be completed within 24 hours for USA customers and 8 to 12 days for international customers.

Once we have an approved Credit Application and end user info, you will need to provide the custom part number or a completed applicable Flame Detector Worksheet or Igniter Spare Parts Proposal Sheet.  If you do not have a part number, drawings or pictures will help us to make sure we are able to accurately quote the exact part or assembly that you need.

We look forward to providing you with world-class Forney products.