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Enhancing Industrial Safety: Exploring the New Forney HD Flame Detector App

Integrated mobile apps have revolutionized various industries, including industrial safety. One such application that has resulted in significant advancements within the Power Generation, Petrochemical, and Industrial markets has been the implementation of dedicated apps for flame detectors.

Forney has recently released an updated version of their application for their HD Flame Detector. This app relied on valuable user feedback to guide the enhancements and improvements that will continue to make it an indispensable tool within industrial environments.

How the New HD Flame Detector App Has Been Improved

The new flame detector app represents a significant advancement in industrial safety technology. Its enhanced features, improved user interface, and seamless integration capabilities empower users to easily monitor, analyze, and customize flame detection systems. 

Additionally, users will notice a number of specific, notable differences between the new HD Flame Detector app and its predecessor. These have significantly improved functionality and allowed for a better overall user experience, including an active profile page where users have improved control and customization options. A new progress bar on the monitor page for FW1 and FW2 also allows for better visual monitoring of the flame detector's firmware status. 

Displaying PU/DO percentage values

Unlike the old HD Flame Detector app, the new app displays PU/DO percentage values on the monitor page. This inclusion offers users valuable insights into the detector's performance. It also expands the display of sensor signals to both the monitor detail page and the tune detail page, allowing for comprehensive monitoring and analysis.

Advanced framework utilization

In terms of user interface, the new app utilizes advanced frameworks such as Ionic 6.4.0 and Angular 15.0.4, providing a more modern and intuitive user experience. It introduces features like pinch-to-zoom for chart visualization, making it easier for users to analyze data and zoom in on specific details.

Improved error handling

The new app also brings improvements in terms of error handling. It displays error codes and provides detailed descriptions, enabling users to quickly identify and troubleshoot issues.

Updated navigation and password management

The menu in the new app opens from the bottom-right corner, offering a more user-friendly navigation experience. A toggle button has been added for Gain Trim Control in order to streamline the adjustment process, while radio buttons for setting FFRT enhance clarity and ease of use.

When setting a new password, users are now required to confirm the new password, ensuring accuracy and preventing any accidental password changes. Additionally, when clearing alarms, the app prompts users for confirmation, avoiding unintended alarm clearance.

New Additions to the Forney HD Flame Detector App

In addition to updating existing features, the new Forney HD Flame Detector app has added a variety of new features that allow users to proactively monitor burner flame. 

Remote monitoring and instant alerts

One of the key benefits of the new flame detector app is the ability to remotely monitor the status of the flame detection system. Now, users can effortlessly keep an eye on the detector's performance from any location in proximity of burner on their smartphones or tablets. This real-time monitoring empowers operators and safety personnel with greater flexibility and convenience.

Data logging, analysis, and configuration

Another valuable feature offered by the new flame detector app is the ability to log and store historical data from the detector. This includes information such as flame events, alarm triggers, and other relevant data points. The app's data logging capabilities enable users to analyze trends, identify patterns, and troubleshoot any potential issues. This valuable information contributes to improved safety protocols and optimized performance.

In addition, the app allows users to configure and customize the flame detector's settings. From adjusting sensitivity levels to fine-tuning alarm thresholds, the app allows users to tailor the detector's parameters to suit specific requirements and adapt to changing operating conditions. This level of customization ensures that the flame detector operates at its optimal performance, maximizing its effectiveness in detecting and preventing fires.

Try the New Forney HD Flame Detector App Today

Visit the Forney website or talk to your local representative for more information about the new product.

About Forney

Forney Corporation has over 93 years of experience manufacturing the safest and most reliable combustion equipment for more than 1,000 power plants in over 100 countries. Customers have proved the quality and durability of Forney's state-of-the-art front-end combustion components in many industries across the globe. Forney igniters, burners, burner management systems, flame detectors, dampers, and duct burners have provided efficiencies and cost savings for plant operators in electric utilities, chemical processing, pulp & paper, and cement industries.