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Over 80 years in combustion

Plod Forney Building
Forney’s first building in
Dallas, TX.
R.H. Forney founded Forney Engineering Company in 1927 to manufacture oil and gas burners for electric utilities. In the early 1950’s, Forney began developing remote burner control and furnace safety systems to control the safe sequencing of fuel and air to the burners. In the early 1960’s, Forney was the first to apply solid state electronics technology into a burner management system.
Forney’s manufacturing facility
in Monterrey, Mexico.
Forney expanded into the international market in 1983 by providing flame detectors, igniters, and burner management systems for fossil-fired power plants in China.In the late 1990’s, Forney branched into duct burners, package burners and environmental systems through acquisitions.