IDDX Flame Detector Amplifier

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Forney’s IDDX Flame Detector Amplifier is a stand-alone intelligent controller that is compatible with both infrared and ultraviolet IDD-model Flame Detectors. The IDDX is adaptable to operations in a variety of industries, including oil, coal, or gas, and it is compatible in flame detection systems for multiple equipment types.

The latest model in Forney’s amplifier line is specifically designed to integrate with all IDD models of Forney Flame Detectors for a robust flame detection system. This model meets Factory Mutual standards for a safe combustion and flame sensing system, helping to lower your insurance rates and keep your plant operating safely. This model has also been designed with improved technology specifications when compared to older amplifier models so the unit can meet the more demanding requirements of NFPA compliance.

The IDDX amplifier also seamlessly connects with a Termiflex/SmartDisplay® for system monitoring at a glance; operators can quickly verify that all system components are operating as expected with the colorful LED indicator lights and helpful readout display. No complex wiring or programming setup is required - simply attach to a standard DIN rail and follow the push-button configuration guide. 

Products and Accessories: 

  • Amplifier Tuning Kit - Part #408103-01
  • Termiflex / SMARTDisplay® terminal with 9-pin connector -  Part #s408106-01
  • Cable 40’ for IDD - Part #399854-04
  • Compatible flame detectors:
  • IDD-II (Filtered Infrared Detector) - Part #38321-21
  • IDD-IIU (Unfiltered Infrared Detector) - Part #38321-22
  • IDD-IIL (Infrared Detector for Lignite) - Part #38321-23


  • Dimensions: 6.36” x 3.58” x 2.39”
  • Weight: 0.62 lbs.
  • Ambient Operating Temperature: 32℉ to 140℉ (0℃ to 60℃)
  • Humidity: RH 95%  104℉
  • Power Requirements: 24 VDC (+/-10%)
  • Power Consumption: 6.5 Watt
  • Flame Strength: 4-20 mA (sourcing)
  • Flame Pickup Time: less than 2 seconds
  • Housing Material: Engineer Polymer

IDDX Flame Detector Amplifier Manual
Publication Number 372001-24 Rev. B

IDDX Flame Detector Amplifier Spec Sheet
Publication Number 372001-27 Rev A

  • Digital Signal Processor (DSP) - Powerful and accurate digital signal processing capabilities ensure the flame detection system is NFPA compliant.
  • Multiple operating profiles -  Two profile select inputs combine to allow for up to four unique profiles. Provides seamless switching between commonly used burner operating conditions without manual re-tuning.
  • On-board serial communication port - Enables communication between the microprocessors and a hand-held Termiflex/SmartDisplay®.
  • Enhanced discrimination and tuning - Improved response options and spectrum weighting capabilities. Provides for seamless tuning, even with unique flame patterns.
  • Downloadable fault detection reports - Triggered faults are continually broadcast and stored for later download or review. 
  • Integrated self-check feature - Self-check routine runs at user-specified intervals to verify system operation. 
  • Dual-orientation setups - Controller is housed in a covered chassis that can be mounted on a standard DIN rail using either horizontal or vertical orientations.
  • Durable PTC fuses - On-board PTC self-resetting fuses protect sensitive electronic components within the circuit board by diverting excess heat.
  • Real-time status displays - Easy-to-read LED lights and status messages allow for real-time status detection. 
  • IR/UV Compatibility - Compatible with multiple IDD flame detector heads, including both infrared and ultraviolet detection systems.
  • Factory Mutual Approval - Factory Mutual (FM) approval means safe operation and lower insurance rates.