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FlameHawk® Flame Detector

  • Forney’s FlameHawk® fiber optic flame detector Amplifier
  • Forney’s FlameHawk® parts
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  • Forney’s FlameHawk® Fiber Optics Parts
  • 1 piece of Forney’s FlameHawk® Fiber Optics equipment

The FlameHawk® fiber optic flame detector is a dual channel solid-state device designed for direct replacement of Geiger-Mueller (GM) tube flame sensors used on industrial and marine gas turbine engines.

The FlameHawk flame detector improves performance and reduces maintenance costs. It has durable fiber optic cables that transmit the spectral energy from the combustion process to the electronics module. This allows for remote mounting of the electronics outside of the engine enclosure, which eliminates complicated and costly cooling systems common in other flame sensors.

The FlameHawk flame detector system works in low NOx combustors, multiple fuel applications and with systems incorporating steam injection.

Operational Principles
The fiber optic cables and optical probes offer easy installation and maintainability. Simple threaded connections are used throughout the system to allow for rapid installation without the need for special tooling.

Unique features, such as a quick-release clamp on the frame engine optical probe, have been incorporated to ease cleaning and inspection.

Products and Accessories

Part#00705-0225-0003 Amplifier, with Cable Connector
Part#00705-0225-0004 Amplifier, without Cable Connector
Part#00705-0225-0005 Amplifier, with Connector, Unfiltered
Part#00705-0225-0006 Amplifier, without Connector, Unfiltered
Part#00705-0225-0009 Amplifier, ATEX IECEx Approved
Part#00705-0192-0120 10’ F/O Light Guide Top Assembly
Part#00705-0192-0180 15’ F/O Light Guide Top Assembly
Part#00705-0192-0300 25’ F/O Light Guide Top Assembly
Part#00705-0192-0480 40’ F/O Light Guide Top Assembly
Part# 00705-0242-0001 Cable, Interface
Part# 00705-0258-0001 Replacement Quartz Lens Assembly
Part# 00705-0185-0001 Aeroderivative Sight Tube, Inconel/Sapphire
Part# 00705-0212-0001 Coupling Mounted Frame Application Sight Tube, 316 SST, Quartz
Part# 00705-0213-0001 Coupling Mounted Frame Application Sight Tube, 316 SST, Quartz, with Offset
Part# 00705-0239-0001 Flange Mounted Frame Application Sight Tube, 316 SST, Quartz

Electronics Module Performance

Sensitivity: Calibrated with 1µW radiance (@ 370 nm) Correlatesto Relay Switch Point or 7.0 mA
Response Time (On / Off) Less than 50 milliseconds
4-20 mA and Relay Using Signal Strength Meter 18 to 32 VDC @ > 50 mA, 4-20 mA and relay.May be operated simultaneously
4-20 mA Max. Load 650 ohms at 18 VDC to 1350 ohms at 32 VDC (linear)
4-20 mA Loop Powered 18 to 32 VDC with 4 mA headroom
Relay Rating Resistive: 1A @ 30 VDC Load: 0.5A @ 125 VDC
Enclosure Material Aluminum, epoxy painted
Optical Interface Female 3/8 in. compression-style fitting
Electrical Interface MS38999 / 20WD97PN or 3/4” NPT conduit holeATEX/IECEX version – 3/4” NPT conduit hole only for ATEX gland
Enclosure Mounting 5/16 in. diameter holes (2x)
Enclosure Certifications Class I, Div. 1 & 2, Groups B, C & DNEMA 3, 4, 4X, 7 (B, C, D), 9 (E, F, G)
CENELEC — EEx d IIC, T6 or T5
Operating Temperature -22°F to 158°F (-30°C to 70°C)
Vibration 8g over a range of 5 to 1200Hz
Humidity 0 to 100% relative humidity

Fiber Optic Cables

External Sheath Material 316 Stainless steel (dual layer)
Fiber Material Fused silica — UV enhanced
Optical Interface Probe 3/8” compression-style fittings
Bend Radius 4” minimum
Temperature Range -40°F to 662°F (-40°C to 350°C)

Optical Probe -Aeroderivative

Material Inconel 625
Engine Interface 5/8-18 UNF external thread
Fiber Optic Interface 3/8” compression-style fitting
Window Material Sapphire
Temperature Range -40°F to 1095°F (-40°C to 590°C)
Maximum Pressure  6895 kPa (1000 psi)

Optical Probe -Frame

Material 316 stainless steel
Engine Interface 3/4” NPT external thread or flange mount
Fiber Optic Interface 3/8” compression-style fitting
Window Material Quartz
Purge Port 1/8” NPT (if needed)
Temperature Range -40°F to 572°F (-40°C to 300°C)
Maximum Pressure 4137 kPa (600 psi)

Features & Benefits

• Mechanically and electronically interchangeable with other flame sensors
• Remote mounting of electronics
• Optical probe mounts directly to engine
• No cooling lines required
• Dual channel — easy installation and less wiring
• Multiple fiber optic cable lengths available
• Adjustable signal output level allows for monitoring of peak power
• Quick disconnect clamp allows for easy cleaning of adapter lens
• Low voltage operation
• Simultaneous use of 4-20 mA and relay outputs allow for diagnostic trending
• Multiple field configurable outputs: relay, 4-20 mA, 4-20 mA loop
• Signal strength meter provides visual indication of system health
• Reliable operation when using gas or liquid fuel
• Proven operation in steam injection applications
• Industrial boiler flame, auto-ignition and flashback detection