Biplane Dampers - Forney Corporation

  • Metallic colored BiPlane Damper
  • White type BiPlane Damper
  • BiPlane Blade

The Biplane Louver out performs any double louver damper for:

  • Reliability
  • Maintenance
  • Cost

Advantages over a double louver design:

  • Single row of blades
  • Less bearings
  • One operator
  • Smaller face to face
  • Less weight

The Blade Construction of Forney’s BiPlane Damper – utilizes a bridge structure design and reduces pressure drop

  • Blade thickness (or chord) can be increased to accommodate high duct pressures while controlling blade deflection. This is critical in maintaining seal contact and controlling leakage thru the damper at operating conditions.
  • The design allows flow thru the center of the blade reducing pressure drop. Unlike the airfoil blade design which blocks flow.

Blade to frame seat is not effected by dust or deposits in the duct.

  • The sloping seat allows the blade to move thru the deposits making blade closure reliable.

In some applications where guillotine dampers are normally open, replacing the guillotine with a BiPlane Louver can eliminate the need to continuously run a seal air fan. These power consumption savings will pay for the entire cost of the Biplane double louver.