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Flame Detectors

Flame detectors are used in multi burner utility and large industrial boilers to detect the presence and absence of flame produced from each burner and its associated igniter. Information from the flame detector is an integral part of the burner management system that is required on all boilers.
HD Flame Detector
Forney’s HD Flame Detector is the best available flame detector for the Power Generation, Petrochemical and Industrial markets. It provides the highest level of flame discrimination in multi-burner ap …
IDD-Ultra UV Flame Detector
Forney’s IDD-Ultra Flame Detector is the ideal UV detector for applications with high-temperature requirements. Forney’s Intelligent Dynamic Detector (IDD) – Ultra version is designed to accurately de …
IDD 9000
The IDD 9000 Flame Detector Amplifier provides enhanced discrimination and tuning for NFPA compliant systems and offers a single retrofit solution for multiple discrete legacy amplifiers.
IDD Detector
The Forney IDD is the most widely used flame detector system in the USA utility market. Its rugged design and reliability, offer many years of service. The combination of a compact detector head conne …
Forney’s FlameHawk® fiber optic flame detector is a dual channel solid-state device designed for industrial and marine gas turbines.
UniFlame® II
Forney’s UniFlame® II series flame detectors utilize micro-processor based controllers in conjunction with solid state infrared (IR) and ultraviolet (UV) sensors and dual cell technology for optimal f …
DPD – Digital Profile Detector
The DPD detector is a self contained detector with automatic UV or IR tuning capability. Input power and output flame signals are made through a rugged military style connector. In addition to the tun …