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The IDDX Flame Detector Amplifier: Protection at Your Fingertips

High-quality flame detectors & amplifiers are  two components of any flame detection system - the performance of the detection system largely depends on the discrimination capability of its amplifier. 

In order to process and interpret those signals correctly, amplifiers must be properly configured/ tuned to the unique operating environment of the burner Amplifiers must be “tuned in” to certain frequencies depending on the type of flame (gas, coal, or oil) and wavelength (infrared vs. ultraviolet) being detected by the system. 

The latest model in the Forney Corporation line, this flame detection amplifier can support multiple profiles selected in response to a digital input signal from the Burner Management System. 

The amplifier also seamlessly connects with a Termiflex/SmartDisplay® for system monitoring at a glance; operators can quickly verify that all system components are operating as expected with a readout display. Integrating the IDDX into your current system doesn’t require any complex wiring or programming setup - simply attach to a standard DIN rail and follow the configuration guide. 

Forney designed the IDDX with simple, yet robust features to automate much of the work involved with proper safety monitoring of complex burner systems. Adding the IDDX to your existing setup puts the power of protecting your system right at your fingertips.

What You Need to Know About the IDDX Flame Detector Amplifier

The IDDX Flame Detector Amplifier is a stand-alone intelligent controller that is compatible with both infrared and ultraviolet IDD-model Flame Detectors. The IDDX is adaptable to operations in a variety of industries, including oil, coal, or gas, and it is compatible in flame detection systems for many equipment types, including:

  • Gas-fired industrial burners
  • Utility burners
  • Waste fuel burners
  • Duct burners
  • Igniters

Technical Specification Table

Forney’s IDDX Amplifier is designed to provide power control, processing control, and signal conversion for any of the following Forney flame detector models:

  • IDD II 
  • IDD Ultra

When properly installed and tested, the amplifier unit operates within the following technical specifications.

Specification Details
Power Supply 24 VDC (+/-10%)
Steady State Current 265 mA
Relay Operating Cycle > Min 20 x 106 Operations
Flame Failure Response Time (FFRT) User adjustable to 1, 2, 3, or 3.8 seconds
Flame Intensity Analog Output 4-20 mA
Flame Pickup Time Less than 2 seconds
Housing Material Engineered Polymer
Unit Weight 0.62 lbs. (280 gms)
Degree of Protection IP20, NEMA 1
Ambient Operating Temperature 32℉ to 140℉
Relative Humidity RH 95% 104℉

Benefits of Forney’s IDDX Flame Detector Amplifier

The IDDX model has been designed with improved technology specifications when compared to older amplifier models so the unit can meet the more demanding requirements of NFPA compliance.

With this improved technology, operation using IDDX amplifiers can benefit from: 

  • Digital Signal Processor (DSP) - Forney’s more powerful and accurate digital signal processing capabilities ensure your flame detection system is NFPA compliant.
  • Multiple operating profiles -  Two profile select inputs can be combined to allow for up to four unique profiles, providing seamless switching between commonly used burner operating conditions without manual re-tuning of the amplifier device.
  • On-board serial communication port - The on-board port enables communication between the amplifier’s microprocessors and a hand-held Termiflex/SmartDisplay®
  • Downloadable fault detection reports - Any faults triggered by the device are continually broadcast and stored so they can be downloaded to the Termiflex and investigated or logged for later review. 
  • Enhanced discrimination and tuning - Improved response options and spectrum weighting capability provide for a seamless tuning experience, even with unique flame patterns.
  • Integrated self-check feature - The IDDX amplifier runs a self-check routine at an interval specified by the user to verify that the system is operating properly. If the self-check fails, a fault is triggered for manual reset and investigation by a technician.
  • Dual-orientation setups - The IDDX controller is housed in a covered chassis that can be mounted on a standard DIN rail using either horizontal or vertical orientations.
  • Durable PTC fuses - The on-board PTC self-resetting fuses protect sensitive electronic components within the circuit board. 
  • Real-time status displays - Easy-to-read LED lights and status messages allow technicians to quickly determine the status of the detection system at any moment in real time. 
  • IR/UV Compatibility - The IDDX amplifier model is compatible with multiple IDD flame detector heads, including both infrared and ultraviolet detection systems.

The IDDX Flame Detector Amplifier Model

The IDDX Flame Detector Amplifier is specifically designed to integrate with all IDD models of Forney Flame Detectors for a robust flame detection system. This model meets Factory Mutual standards for a safe combustion and flame sensing system, helping to lower your insurance rates and keep your plant operating safely. 

The IDDX Amplifier model meets the following codes/standards:

  • Enclosure Type IP 20
  • Factory Mutual 7610
  • ANSI/UL 94
  • RoHS Directive 2002/95/EC

The IDDX Amplifier is compatible with the following detector heads:

  • IDD-II Filtered IR Detector
  • IDD-IIL Low Frequency IR Detector
  • IDD-IIU Unfiltered IR Detector
  • IDD-Ultra UV Detector

Ready to Upgrade to the IDDX Flame Detector Amplifier?

Outdated equipment can cost your plant hundreds, or even thousands, of dollars a year in additional maintenance costs, equipment down time, and safety issues leading to injuries. Upgrade your flame detection system to include Forney’s latest amplifier model - the IDDX Flame Detector Amplifier. 

Contact one of our representatives today to learn more about how your plant can benefit from Forney’s superior technology. 

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