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The Flamehawk® Detection System: Rapid Response When Every Second Counts

In plants with gas turbine engines, the invisible gas buildup can lead to extreme safety concerns for plant operators and managers. Flame outs lasting even a few seconds can necessitate costly shutdowns to ensure that any excess gas has dissipated and no longer represents a threat to your system. 

To avoid these unique challenges, fast-response flame detectors are a critical part of your operation. For maximum effectiveness, flame detectors must be able to withstand normal wear and tear of daily use, extreme temperatures and pressures, and EMI (electromagnetic interference.) Without reliable flame detection equipment in place, your operation may be at increased risk for exposure to harmful gas fumes or explosions. 

One of the most advanced flame detectors on the market is Forney’s Flamehawk® Detection System. This dual-channel fast response, fiber-optic flame detection system is cost-effective and easy to install, improving overall performance and reducing maintenance costs. Forney’s engineers specifically designed this model to eliminate the need for complex cooling systems that take up valuable space in your environment. 

The Flamehawk® is also uniquely designed as a dual-channel device to monitor two turbine combustors into one Flamehawk controller. When this device detects combustor disruptions such as a flameout, it provides two signals, a 4-20 mA and dry contact for use in the turbine control system, eliminating the risk of unstable combustion conditions. Forney's Flamehawk is the ideal solution that combines all the features needed to address the complex needs of utility and industrial power generation sectors utilizing simple cycle and combined cycle plants. 

What You Need to Know About the Flamehawk® Flame Detector

Forney’s Flamehawk® Flame Detector is ingeniously designed with the most rigorous and challenging environments in mind. The unique design makes it possible for equipment operators to monitor the flame detection panel remotely, safely away from the core combustion engine. The fiber optic components transmit spectral energy from the combustion process to the electronic module located outside the engine. This design eliminates the need for costly and complicated cooling systems, which is common in other ordinary flame detectors in the market.

Forney’s state-of-the-art model also offers the following features:

  • High-Quality Quartz Fiber Optic Material – Forney’s takes pride in manufacturing the Flamehawk® model with premium quality quartz fiber optics within a flexible SS branded jacket. The fiber optics connect to the combustors via Frame Side Adaptors. Different models are available for aero-derivative and frame gas turbines. Our fiber optic flame detector is also approved by reputable agencies, such as ATEX and IECEX.  (include 3 pics)

  • Extreme Temperature Range – The Flamehawk® can safely and effectively operate within a wide range of temperatures - from -40°C to 350°C. The frame side assembly for auto-derivative turbines can sustain temperatures up to 590°C.

  • Protection From Extreme Elements – Unlike other flame detectors on the market, the Flamehawk® Flame Detector features built-in protection from environmental contaminants. It is designed to sustain water pressures up to 600 psi, and this unique protection increases the useful life of its sensitive optical components. 

  • Precise Sensitivity - Rapid-fire combustion is one of the biggest risks in enclosed environments where precise and immediate detection is critical. The Flamehawk® is specially designed to detect and react to flames in less than 50 milliseconds, making it one of the most sensitive and rapid-response flame detection systems on the market.

Technical Specification Table

Features Details
Sensitivity Less than 50 milliseconds, calibrated with 1μW radiance
Electrical Load <650 ohms at 18 VDC to 1350 Ohms at 32 VDC
Enclosure Material Aluminum, UV Enhanced Fused Silica
Optical Probe Aero-derivative Inconel 625, window material Sapphire
Optical Probe Frame 316 Stainless Steel, window material Quartz
Weight 6.8 Lbs.
Connection Interface Aero-derivative & Fiber optic (3/8 compression-style)
Engine Interface Aero-derivative (5/8-18 UNF external thread) and Frame (3/4” NPT external thread or flange mount)

Forney’s flame detection systems are installed to meet or exceed all industry standards. The Flamehawk® is compatible with constant current or constant voltage pellistor drive card outputs, and the signal output mimics pellistor bridge output signals. In addition, the flame detection system provides a pulsing output signal to notify team members of the need for routine maintenance. Even when maintenance signals are activated, the alarm level detection systems remain functional, providing around-the-clock failsafe operation. 

Benefits of Forney's Flamehawk® Flame Detector

1. Simple Tool-Free Installation

Our fiber optic flame detector includes a simple threaded connection, making it simple and easy to install without the need for special tools. The fiber optic cable and optical probe aero-derivative come with a ⅜” compression-style fitting, and the optical probe for frame turbines can integrate seamlessly with ¾” NPT eternal threaded or flange mount fittings. 

2. Ability to Withstand Extreme Conditions

Many standard flame detectors are not designed to perform under extreme humidity or pressure conditions. The Flamehawk® is formulated to function in relative humidity conditions up to 100% and is protected from damage in temperatures between -40°C to 350°C and direct water pressures of up to 600 psi sprayed directly onto the unit. 

3. Immunity from Electromagnetic Interference

The Flamehawk’s® strong signal-to-noise ratio makes it immune to electromagnetic radiation, helping to maintain the integrity of its monitoring systems even when excessive environmental interference is present. The unit requires little to no routine maintenance, and its small size allows for installation and integration into your current systems without the need for cooling lines. 

4. Remote Diagnostic Capability with Dual-Sensing Feature

The dual-sensing feature uses 4-20 mA and relay outputs simultaneously, helping diagnostic technicians to more easily monitor the system from remote locations. With this feature, the Flamehawk® can both sense and transmit signals concurrently, providing for seamless monitoring, even when sending out diagnostic reports. 

5. Wide Cone of Vision

The Flamehawk® has a wider cone of vision than most other standard flame detectors currently on the market, making it more accurate and able to reliably monitor the system from farther away than many competing devices.

6. Integration in the optical range of natural gas flames in GT combustors, UV detection technologies designed for detection

The Flamehawk® Flame Detector can replace multiple failed catalytic or standard electric devices with its ability to detect flames in the ultraviolet light spectrums. This more accurate detection also improves response times, helping to detect gas buildup more quickly and initiating immediate safety responses as needed. 

The Flamehawk® Flame Detector Model

When responsiveness matters, the Flamehawk® is an industry-leading choice for maximum detection accuracy and response times. 

Features of the Flamehawk® Model

  • Input Power – 18 to 32 VDC
  • Response Time – <50 ms
  • Relay Rating – Resistive 1A @ 30 VDC, Load 0.5A @ 125 VDC
  • Certifications – Class I, ATEX, and IECEX
  • Vibration – 8G over a range of 5 to 120 Hz
  • Pressure – Aero-derivative (1000psi), Optical probe frame (600psi)
  • Degree of Protection – 0 to 100% relative humidity

Installing Your Flamehawk® Flame Detector

Forney’s Flamehawk® Flame Detector directly has frame side assemblies to directly mount it to aero and frame GTs. Thanks to its threaded or flanged connections, the fiber optic detector offers easy installation with no special tools required. 

Ready to Upgrade to the Flamehawk® Flame Detector?

When operating in extreme environments, you need reliable equipment that can handle extreme challenges. Forney’s Flamehawk® Flame Detector is specifically designed for split-second response times in environments where safety is a top priority. 

Contact one of our representatives today to discuss solution options that can be seamlessly integrated into your existing setup.

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