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Second Quarter 2016 Newsletter – Combined Cycle Focus

Combined Cycle Focus

Since the 90’s, Forney has been a leading supplier of Burner systems to the Combined Cycle market. Forney Duct Burners are installed globally, from the US to Europe and the Far East. Our technology is patented with a burner design that provides many unique advantages – that’s why we call it the adVantage®. We are able to deliver lower CO across a wide range of operating conditions and can operate at lower O2 levels. And the design incorporates cast stainless steel components for years of reliable performance. But the burners are only part of the system, customers are increasingly requiring high specification BMS systems, pressure reducing stations, fast start purge options and CFD modeling. With years of experience in systems design Forney is able to deliver these time and time again.

In this newsletter, three articles focus on the Combined Cycle market. We’re very excited to open our new Combustion Research Center which will be able to test large scale Duct Burner designs with a simulated turbine exhaust at high temperatures. The second article is on a 990 MM BTU Duct Burner installed in Qatar. This special design utilizes two sets of burners, one behind the other. This was technically feasible with a burner that was capable of running at low O2 levels. And finally we have a better mouse trap when it comes to HRSG diverter dampers. Forney’s design provides faster starts, with more control at a lower cost.

We just concluded our 2016 Americas Sales Meeting. Our sales experts are trained on all the new products Forney has to offer. We’re ready to answer your questions, give us a call!

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