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IDD Ultra Flame Detectors: A Leap Into the Future

Flame detectors are one of the most critical pieces of safety equipment for use in industrial environments. Since flame detectors can often respond faster than smoke or heat detectors, the ability of a flame detector to accurately and immediately detect the presence of a flame is paramount to maintaining a safe working environment. 

Unfortunately, the sensitive components of a high-quality flame detector are also susceptible to the very component they are designed to detect - heat. Extreme temperature ranges can damage the wiring and sensor circuitry inside the housing unit. To ensure optimal detection capability, traditional flame detectors must undergo routine maintenance and are rated for lower temperature ranges, limiting the placement near high heat sources. 

When standard flame detectors must be placed farther away from heat sources to ensure proper operations, this often increases the cost to add fiber optic and/or cooling devices. More significantly, improperly functioning flame detectors can result in equipment downtime, inability to detect fires promptly, and other failures.

To address these concerns, Forney Corporation designed a more advanced flame detection unit, able to withstand higher temperature ranges while protecting sensitive internal components. By incorporating several unique advancements, Forney’s engineers were able to produce the latest flame detection technology while eliminating the need for a mechanical shutter providing required self check/fail safe operation.

What You Need to Know About the IDD Ultra Flame Detector

Forney’s IDD Ultra Flame Detector is specifically designed for use in large industrial environments that operate in high-temperature zones. The IDD Ultra Flame Detector is cost-friendly and easy to maintain while minimizing mechanical faults or downtime common with other industry-standard flame detection equipment. 

Designed specifically to be used in conjunction with Forney’s IDD 9,000 amplifiers, the IDD 9000 can be easily modified for rack mounting or panel mounting and can be seamlessly integrated into single or dual-channel configurations. 

When a flame is sensed in the environment, the Silicon Carbide sensor transmits a continuously changing voltage signal to the IDD-Ultra circuitry, which then amplifies the voltage and sends it to the amplifier via a four-conductor cable. Simultaneously, the amplifier initiates a constant check of the sensor and printed circuit board to provide fail-safe operation and ensure continual operation.  

To avoid any malfunction related to external elements, such as water or other environmental contaminants, the IDD Ultra Flame Detector electronics are protected within a cast steel housing.

CAUTION/NOTE: Many newer style digital radios (like Motorola CP200d) will penetrate the IDD Ultra and may cause signal interference. For any customers using digital-type radios for site communication, it is recommended that a radio user is approximately 10 – 12’ away from any detector head.

Technical Specification Table

Forney’s IDD Ultra is designed for use in conjunction with the IDD-9000 Amplifier models. Specifications listed in the table below assume the IDD-Ultra will be used in conjunction with the recommended IDD-9000 amplifier and purchased with the standard housing. For technical specifications based on other configurations, please contact your Forney representative.

Specification Details
Attachment Mounting 1” NPT sight pipe fitting
Electrical Load 50 VDC or 15 VDC, as supplied by integrated amplifier model
Unit Materials Cast Steel Housing, Potted Electronics
Temperature Ratings 32℉ to 250℉ (0℃ to 121℃)
Humidity Ratings 0-95% relative humidity, non-condensing
Wavelength 200-425 nm (310 nm center)
Sensor Materials Silicon Carbide (SIC)

Benefits of Forney’s IDD Ultra Flame Detector

Forney’s engineers have designed the IDD Ultra to withstand the most extreme cases of fire breakage and temperature fluctuations, while providing continuous error-free safety measures. The IDD Ultra model incorporates the latest in technology and equipment features, including: 

  • Dynamic Flame Sensing Circuitry - This model’s dynamic circuitry can easily distinguish between environmental heat from other background conditions and an actual flame, maximizing its detection accuracy.

  • High-Temperature Silicon Carbide Sensor - To prevent the detector head from overheating and losing its primary function, the high-temperature carbide silicon sensor is designed to resist higher temperatures than competitive flame detector models. 

  • Compact and Durable Housing Assembly - All of the electronics and circuits within the detector are tightly looped inside a cast steel housing that provides a maintenance-free product.

  • Minimal System Maintenance - The quick disconnect feature of the IDD Ultra makes it simple to swap out system components as needed.

  • CE Compliance - When used with the panel mounted IDD-9000 amplifier, this device meets all standards for CE Compliance.

  • Factory Mutual Approval - Factory Mutual (FM) approval indicates safe operations and lower insurance rates for your plant.

The IDD Ultra Flame Detector Model

The primary function and design of the IDD Ultra Flame Detector have been improved to reduce response time and increase accuracy. Forney’s engineers have chosen the best in high-quality, lightweight materials to withstand extreme temperatures and maximize the functional life of the device. 

Forney’s IDD Ultra flame detector is produced with the following materials: 

  • IDD-Ultra solid-state circuitry
  • Conductor cables
  • High-Temperature Silicon Carbide Sensor
  • Printed circuit board
  • Connection fixtures for use in fiber optic applications (optional)

Ready to Upgrade to the IDD Ultra Flame Detector?

If your plant uses natural gas or light oil fuels, choosing flame detection equipment built with the latest in technological advancements can help to keep your operation safe with a virtually maintenance-free solution. 

Contact one of our representatives today to learn how you can seamlessly integrate the IDD Ultra flame detector into your existing setup.

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Forney Corporation has over 93 years of experience manufacturing the safest and most reliable combustion equipment for more than 1,000 power plants in more than 100 countries. The quality and durability of Forney’s state-of-the-art front-end combustion components have been proven by customers in many industries across the globe. Forney igniters, burners, BMS, flame detectors, dampers, and duct burners have provided efficiencies and cost savings for plant operators in electric utilities, chemical processing, pulp & paper, and cement industries.