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How to Customize Your Combustion Solution with Forney’s PAF (Parallel Air Flow) Burner

In the southern US states, peak demand for power generation typically runs from May to September due to people needing to cool off from the summer heat. In the northern US states, higher power generation demands peak during winter when people are looking to warm up their homes.

For plant supervisors and instrumentation/control technicians, these are their most stressful seasons. Their equipment must be running well and generate enough power to meet the increased demand loads while keeping emissions within regulated limits.

This problem is especially significant for plants with medium to large steam boilers aiming for gas conversion while meeting the strict emission requirements.

These operational strains can degrade and significantly shorten the lifespan of your plant equipment. If coupled with insufficient maintenance measures, this results in utility downtime, higher Loss on Ignition (LOI), and higher emissions.

Left unchecked, you’re looking at state fines, federal fines, and bad publicity due to higher emissions on top of the growing revenue losses your plant is suffering every single day. If this trend continues, layoffs and even more strained plant operations can quickly become a reality.

Most plants will opt for frequent, repeated equipment repairs instead of replacement with a better, more long-term solution. Some will even pay the fines and hope the press won’t catch on.

Here at Forney, we understand this draining cycle of plant operations. To help plant managers and operators like you get out of this cycle, our engineers developed a custom solution that allows you to meet your load requirements without worrying about emission and maintenance.

The result is our custom-designed Parallel Air Flow (PAF) Burners.

Forney PAF Burner

The Forney Parallel Air Flow (PAF) Burner is our answer to achieving generation demands without compromising emissions and potential maintenance issues in the most convenient way possible.

Each of our PAF Burners is custom-engineered for a wide range of heat inputs while providing the flexibility of firing various fuel types. Whatever your plant’s heat or fuel type requirements are, we have a PAF Burner made just for your plant.

This ensures less utility downtime, lower LOI, and more importantly, decreases the probability of revenue loss caused by failure to hit target loads on demand.

Forney PAF Burner Advantages

Industry-Proven Design

Forney has over 93 years of experience manufacturing combustion equipment for more than 1,000 power plants in more than 100 countries. Designing PAF Burners for almost a century gave us the advantage of knowing every factor that needs to be considered to ensure you receive a long-lasting solution that requires low maintenance and generates low emissions.

Custom-Designed For Your Plant

Whether you prefer a PAF Burner for heavy fuel oils, viscous waste fuels, or low BTU fuels, we are ready to create a custom-designed PAF Burner that meets the needs of your plant and your operational team.

High Flexibility

Our PAF Burners have multiple features that maximize the flexibility of this solution:

  • A variety of BTU sizes can meet your plant’s unique heating requirements
  • Gas canes are adjustable to fine-tune your burners
  • Low CO and Low NOx capabilities are available with every Forney PAF Burner

Extreme Convenience

With Forney, any ancillary equipment required to get your PAF Burner running as soon as possible is available from a single source. You don’t need to look around for flame scanners, igniters, valves, or control logic that matches your burner.

Increased Operability

Since Forney PAF burners are custom-engineered according to your plant’s requirements, you can expect low maintenance effort and cost requirements. Your customized solution will also be easier to use for your crew, with a shorter learning curve and faster implementation time.

Fast Results

You don’t have to waste time waiting for your PAF Burner to be fully operational. Your Forney PAF Burner will be up and running immediately after installation, commissioning, and tuning. Since this solution is customized to both your plant and your team, you can feel confident that your team will be fully equipped to service your burner immediately upon implementation.

Better Operations

Forney’s PAF Burners are designed to lower emissions, utility downtime, LOI, and potential revenue loss. This enables your plant to operate more hours per year without worrying about state and federal fines.

Forney PAF Burner Use Case

The Forney PAF Burner is a reliable solution for:

  • Gas-fired conventional power plants
  • Any medium to large steam boiler focused on coal to gas conversions with strict emissions requirements
  • Any medium to large steam boilers using natural gas or fuel oil for main gas

Whatever your plant’s heat input and fuel type requirements may be, our team can help you choose a Forney PAF Burner designed specifically for your plant.

About The Forney PAF Burner Design

The Forney Parallel Air Flow (PAF) Burner design provides a simple, cost-efficient, and low-maintenance method for burning liquid and gaseous fuels with maximum efficiency at low excess air rates. This design is easy for your technicians to run and maintain and is extremely adaptable to virtually any type of steam generator or furnace application.

The PAF burner is composed of three major assemblies (depending on your plant’s fuel capabilities):

    1. Air Frame Assembly - Consists of a front mounting plate, burner access plate, combustion air tube, sleeve type damper, and a multi-vane type air swirler attached to the center burner guide tube.

    2. Air Swirler Assembly - Designed to produce optimum air/fuel mixing, flame shape, and flame stability over a wide turndown range.

    3. Liquid Fuel Atomizer/Gaseous Fuel Manifold, And Cane Spud Assembly - Steam, air, and mechanical atomization are available for a wide range of liquid fuels. For gaseous fuels, a gas manifold and Cane spud type nozzles are used.

Forney PAF Burner Specifications

Below are the base specifications of the Forney PAF Burner. The ranges provided allow users to draft custom specifications for their plant.

Ready to get your Forney PAF Burner?

All of our Forney PAF Burners include a comprehensive warranty, and multi-year extensions can be purchased for additional peace of mind. If your plant needs multiple Forney PAF Burner units to ensure long-lasting and seamless plant operations, multi-unit discounts are available.

Contact your local Forney representative today to learn more.

Multi-unit discounts for PAF Burners available

About Forney

Forney Corporation has over 93 years of experience manufacturing the safest and most reliable combustion equipment for more than 1,000 power plants in more than 100 countries. The quality and durability of Forney’s state-of-the-art front-end combustion components have been proven by customers in many industries across the globe. Forney igniters, burners, BMS, flame detectors, dampers, and duct burners have provided efficiencies and cost savings for plant operators in electric utilities, chemical processing, pulp & paper, and cement industries.