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Get the Forney adVantage®: The Duct Burner For The Most Challenging Industrial Conditions

If you work in any role within power plant operations, you know how stressful it can be to run, maintain, and repair unreliable duct burners. These units are central to the successful operation of your plant, and burners that consistently fail to ignite, trip circuits, or overheat can cause major bottlenecks, leading to missed load demands and increased offline time. 

Repeated burner failures can lead to costly repairs, temporary stopgaps, or eventual equipment replacement. Burners that aren’t suited for your unique plant environment or those of lower quality can leave you tiptoeing the line between exceeding emissions requirements and excessive downtime. 

To avoid these failures, you may feel pressure from upper management to ramp up maintenance efforts to forgo replacement as long as possible. In the short-term, your team will suffer from strained manpower and increasing equipment issues as the reliability of your burners continue to decline. Malfunctioning burners can also cause added stress on other plant components, leading to a shortened useful life for other equipment. 

Unless this ongoing duct burner problem is rectified, your plant will continue to suffer from lower operational hours, inability to operate at lower CT loads, increased labor and maintenance costs, and eventual shutdown. This operational inefficiency can result in some of your plant’s hard-earned revenues floating straight into your competitors’ pockets.

To avoid this problem before it starts, the engineers at Forney developed high-quality duct burners designed to perform in even the most challenging industrial conditions. Forney’s burner design has unmatched physical integrity and performance when compared to other duct burners on the market - we guarantee it.

The adVantage® Duct Burner was developed by leveraging Forney’s in-depth knowledge of the entire plant system and operations and outstanding application experience. Complete with a design that reduces or even removes the need for augmenting air by using an exclusive mixing process, the adVantage® Duct Burner produces a shorter flame length resulting in reduced downstream duct distance and improved temperature distribution from the burner.

What You Need to Know About Forney’s adVantage® Duct Burner

The Forney adVantage® Duct Burner is made with premium components and patented technology to ensure a level of performance no other duct burners can match. The adVantage® Duct Burner meets the complex needs of the combined cycle and cogeneration (Combined Heat & Power) industry and can even be adapted for use in dual-fuel plants.

The adVantage® is the duct burner of choice for advanced gas turbine applications that have the most demanding industrial conditions, especially when dealing with low inlet oxygen of Turbine Exhaust Gas (TEG), high water vapor, and critically low emission requirements for water & steam injection applications.

It is also one of the few duct burners available on the market today that can be modified to work with either dual-fuel firing of hydrogen and natural gas within a single boiler or dual-fuel firing of a hybrid blended fuel. With these proven and tested modifications, the adVantage® burner can increase the flexibility of your operation and allow you to take advantage of changing fuel availability and price fluctuations. 

In most cases, industrial plants will require duct burners to be supplemented with augmenting air. However, with adVantage®, it is possible to reduce or even remove the need for augmenting air, providing maximum convenience and flexibility within the operation. The turbulent mixing from the adVantage® duct burner design also reduces CO and VOC emissions. Even better, adVantage® works with any HSRGs that are designed to accommodate duct burners, ensuring replacement and installation convenience.

The Forney adVantage® Duct Burner is designed to use an exclusive mixing process that optimizes the existing oxygen in the turbine exhaust. This exclusive mixing process produces a shorter flame length for the same pressure drop as other burner types, which improves the distribution of heat from the burner. These features make the adVantage® Duct Burner more durable, efficient, and convenient than competitive burners on the market.

For most advanced gas turbine applications firing natural gas with less than 12% wet H2O and firing temperatures greater than 1200°F (649°C), Forney offers the following emission guarantees in HHV turndown without augmenting air:

Non – Power Augmentation lb/MMBtu (mg/MJ) Power Augmentation lb/MMBtu (mg/MJ)
NOx 0.08 (34) 0.08 (34)
CO 0.04 (17) 0.06 (26)
VOC 0.004 (2) 0.006 (3 kg/GJ)
PM-10 (front and back half) 0.01 (4) 0.02 (9)

Benefits of Forney’s adVantage® Duct Burner

Built For The Harshest Industrial Conditions

Each adVantage® Duct Burner is built with premium components, such as investment cast stabilizers, and patented technology, such as advanced vortex shedding analysis, to ensure trouble-free operations, consistent performance, and unrivaled durability. In fact, we offer a 10-year warranty—something that’s unheard of in this industry with a harsh working environment and dynamics. 

Ultimate Convenience

You can easily install your adVantage® Duct Burner with any HSRG that is designed to accommodate duct burners. With adVantage®, your NFPA code compliance issues are addressed, and you have access to a more intuitive Human-Machine interface and detailed alarm and trip summaries for easy troubleshooting. Best of all, you can say goodbye to binary usage of duct burners as you can operate portions of the installed adVantage® Duct Burner without issue.

Patented Design

By using a patented mixing process that optimizes existing oxygen from the turbine exhaust, the adVantage® Duct Burner reduces or removes the need for augmenting air with TEG oxygen levels greater than 10.5% and water vapor levels as high as 20% - making it ideal for even the harshest environments. 

Adaptability for Dual-Fuel Environments

Forney has successfully implemented the adVantage® burner and compatible fuel control skids to multiple combined cycle power plants operating with various fuel combinations. Options include H2 and NG blended fuel or 100% hydrogen and 100% natural gas elements firing within the same boiler.

If your plant is configured to make use of Refinery Off-Gases (ROGs), this burner can also be adapted for your setup. Forney’s adVantage® Duct Burner has proven performance in systems with heat recovery elements designed to support Refinery Off-Gases.

In dual-fuel operations, the adVantage® burner is specifically designed to operate safely in the higher temperature ranges required of dual-fuel systems, minimize CO output from burning hydrogen, and reduce downtime and maintenance. 

Short Flame Lengths

Shorter flame lengths reduce downstream duct distance, allowing for greater residence time and improving the temperature distribution from the burner.

Low Emission

The low CO and VOC emissions performance is the result of turbulent mixing from the adVantage® duct burner design. With adVantage®, emissions can be up to 80% lower than recirculation-type burners.

Low-Pressure Drop

The adVantage® duct burner produces a shorter flame length for a low-pressure drop maintained through Forney’s patented design with mixing vortices.

The adVantage® Duct Burner Design

adVantage® Duct Burner Application Specifications:

  • Duct cross sections: 3 - 50 feet (0.91 to 15.25 meters)
  • Heat inputs: 10 to 1100 MMBtu/hr (2.93 to 322 MW)
  • Inlet oxygen levels: ≥ 10.5% wet without augmenting air
  • Inlet H2O: ≤ 20% without augmenting air
  • TEG distribution to the burner: ± 20% of the average velocity over 90% of the cross-section

At Forney, we strive to develop complete solutions that ensure seamless operations and reliable performance for our customers. When you order the adVantage® Duct Burner, you also receive a complete scope of equipment to get your duct burner up and running immediately upon installation:

adVantage® Standard Scope of Equipment Supplied Optional adVantage® Scope of Equipment
  • Horizontal/Vertical Burner Elements
  • Integral Flow Baffles
  • ANSI B31.1 Fuel Skid
  • Burner Management System
  • Redundant Scanner Cooling Air Blowers
  • MAXFire Igniter with HESI
  • Flame Scanner
  • Pressure Reducing Station
  • Fuel Flow Measurement
  • CFD
  • Individual Element Isolation
  • Interconnecting Piping

Ready to get your Forney adVantage® Duct Burner?

With the adVantage® Duct Burner, you will benefit from a more efficient HRSG and higher overall plant output and efficiency. Even better, you can ensure a higher steam production for downstream steam turbines or heat consumers. 

If you’re tired of dealing with unreliable duct burners that constantly require repairs and maintenance, then contact your local Forney representative today to discuss our complete solution.

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