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Forney Wins Avetta's 2023 Supplier Award for Excellence in Safety and Sustainability

Forney Corporation, a leading global manufacturer of combustion components, is hailed as one of the winners of Avetta's 2023 Supplier Awards: ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) Leader. The award honors companies that champion responsible practices, sustainable initiatives, and transparent governance.

Avetta, a pioneer in supply chain risk management and contractor qualification services, offers a SaaS platform to ensure that companies and contractors are qualified, safe, and compliant with various industry standards and regulations. They verify the environmental, social, and financial performances to help clients make informed decisions about their suppliers and contractors.

Forney's dedication to advancing environmentally conscious practices, promoting social responsibility, and adhering to sound governance principles strongly align with Avetta’s vision and pursuit of a safer and stronger business landscape. As a global leader in engineering and manufacturing, Forney has long been at the forefront of combustion system innovation. With a history of groundbreaking advancements and a reputation for excellence, our solutions have impacted a multitude of industries that rely on combustion processes, including power generation, chemical processing, pulp/paper, and cement industries. From igniters to burner management systems, we ensure that our products and combustion processes are not only efficient but also environmentally safe. 


With a legacy rooted in innovation and a commitment to excellence, Forney Corporation continues to be an industry leader, setting the bar high for combustion technology and promoting a safer and more sustainable work environment.

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