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Forney Standard Duct Burners: Dependable Performance For Complex Industrial Needs

When you’re in the combined cycle and cogeneration industries, you know how hard it is to achieve and maintain smooth-sailing operations, especially when you’re constantly dealing with increasingly difficult environmental regulations, varying load requirements, and the sheer complexity of the industry’s needs. 

To achieve efficient operations and meet your target goals, you’ll need to answer a few difficult questions: 

  • Which equipment is best for sustainably meeting variable output requirements?
  • If your current equipment fails to perform as promised, how can you avoid similar problems in the future?
  • How can you find equipment that will meet the changing demands of environmental regulators?

Meeting the moving target of output demands and regulatory requirements isn’t easy, but it’s also non-negotiable. Fail to meet these demands, regardless of how challenging, and you can be slapped with state and federal fines, downgraded by regulators, and harassed by environmental groups. These negative consequences aren’t just a temporary hassle - they can affect your entire reputation and jeopardize current and future contracts with your customers.

Fortunately, our 9 decades of experience helping and supporting engineers and managers improve and sustain their energy output gave us the necessary insight to develop a convenient solution that effectively addresses the complex needs of the combined cycle and cogeneration industries.

With this experience and input from thousands of customers, Forney engineers developed the Standard Duct Burners -- our easy-to-configure and extremely durable solution designed to get you reliable performance, even in these demanding industries.

Forney’s Standard Duct Burners: What You Need to Know

The Forney Standard Duct Burners are developed specifically to address the complex needs of the combined cycle and cogeneration industries. By designing the Standard Duct Burners to be easily configurable, our engineers ensured that these burners would work in a variety of industrial applications, including:

  • Cogeneration and combined cycle plants, with easy options for adjusting steam generation and power output
  • Reheating process airstreams like SCR, CFB inlet, and ammonia & urea vaporizers
  • Fresh air firing for easy use as a hot gas backup source when your plant’s combustion turbine is offline
  • Air heating with minimal pressure drops

Forney’s Standard Duct Burners can easily be configured for limited space applications, maximizing output and convenience in a minimal footprint without the hassles of reconfiguration in order to work with your existing setup. 

The wide range of applications of Forney’s Standard Duct Burners is the result of over 60 years of designing and improving duct burners. Today, Forney has expanded to innovative duct burner designs that answer the increasingly complex and difficult requirements of today’s power industries. Each model is carefully designed to address the specific conditions, environment, and requirements presented by our clients.

Our Standard Duct Burners can also be customized to work within your unique plant setup. Our experienced engineers guide you through the selection process to decide on the appropriate design and material that will meet the specific constraints of your plant. The adVantage® and modified adVantage® duct burner designs are great for high water content applications with emission and regulation concerns. Conventional and compact duct burner designs are extremely flexible solutions for smaller duct sizes.

Forney Standard Duct Burner Designs

Every Forney duct burner system comes with a complete scope of equipment to ensure immediate results and convenient operation.

Typical Equipment Supply scope Optional Equipment Supply Scope
  • Horizontal Burner Elements, Integral Flow Baffles, and Supports
  • ANSI B31.1 Fuel Skid
  • Burner Management System
  • Scanner Cooling Air Blowers
  • MAXFire® Igniter with HESI
  • Flame Scanner
  • Distribution Grid and Burner Frame (for ease of installation)
  • Inlet Fuel Pressure Reduction
  • CFD
  • Fuel Flow Measurement
  • Augmenting Air System
  • Interconnecting Piping
  • ANSI B31.3 Fuel Skid

Forney’s Standard Duct Burners can safely and consistently operate within a wide range of operating conditions:

Heat Input 10 MMBtu/hr, LHV 1,100 MMBtu/hr, LHV
Inlet Exhaust Gas Flow 30,000 lbs/hr 5,750,000 lbs/hr
Inlet Exhaust Gas Temperature up to 1,250°F

To meet specific emission requirements, air augmentation may be required when inlet oxygen levels or TEG temperatures are extremely low. To ensure the performance quality of the duct burner system, even temperature distribution must be secured. Typical exhaust gas distribution to the duct burner should be a minimum of ±20% of the average velocity over 90% of the duct cross-section.

Benefits of Forney’s Standard Duct Burners

Easy to configure and highly flexible

The flexible range of configurations with Forney’s Standard Duct Burners makes them ideal for various industrial applications, especially in plants that experience routine operational changes or fluctuating needs. From increasing plant output to securing a backup source of hot gas, our Standard Duct Burners can adjust to fit your unique needs.

Over 60 years of design improvement

Forney’s Standard Duct Burners are the result of 6 decades of engineering excellence and dedication to improvement. Today, you can find industrial plants across the globe that routinely use our duct burners to facilitate complex processes and requirements.

Strong engineering support

Forney’s engineers go out of their way to help you select and install the best Standard Duct Burner design and material that matches your plant’s specifications, requirements, environment, and condition. Our support doesn’t stop when you make your purchase - we’ll partner with you to ensure a smooth installation and integration into your operational process, and we’re always here to provide additional support when you need it.

Durability at its finest

Forney’s Standard Duct Burners come with stainless steel investment castings, HESI, and firm support, which leverage the cooling effects of exhaust gas stream to secure maximum durability and consistent performance even in the most demanding operating conditions.

Complete Solution

With Forney, you receive more than just a duct burner. Our burners come standard with horizontal burner elements, a burner management system, scanner cooling air blowers, a MAXFire® Igniter, and other support equipment to provide you with a complete and convenient solution.

Ready to get your Forney Standard Duct Burner?

Forney’s Standard Duct Burners are tested and proven in hundreds of cogeneration plants, refineries, hotels, and colleges across the globe. This experience leads to a product that consistently delivers the flexibility, durability, and performance you need to operate efficiently day in and day out. 

We’re so confident in our products that we provide a standard warranty with every duct burner, with the option to purchase extended warranties if needed. Ask your local Forney representative today to learn more about special deals, contracts, and certifications for your Forney equipment.

About Forney

Forney Corporation has over 93 years of experience manufacturing the safest and most reliable combustion equipment for more than 1,000 power plants in more than 100 countries. The quality and durability of Forney’s state-of-the-art front-end combustion components have been proven by customers in many industries across the globe. Forney igniters, burners, BMS, flame detectors, dampers, and duct burners have provided efficiencies and cost savings for plant operators in electric utilities, chemical processing, pulp & paper, and cement industries.