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Growing Markets Attract Forney to Latin America

Growing Markets Attract Forney to Latin America

Growing Markets Attract Forney to Latin America

As the fossil fired power industry in North America began to level out in 2016 Forney made the decision to re-invest in Latin America. Forney was quite active in Latin America in the 1970’s throughout the power expansion till the mid 1990’s when business slowed for the power industry.

Today many of the countries in Latin America have expanding economies providing opportunities in the power generation sector for expansion and upgrades. Forney’s product line with combustion, safety and mechanical equipment is well positioned to aid in the power sector expansion. To help with local coverage, Forney has added the following firms to represent us and continue to look for additional coverage in other Latin America countries.


During recent years, Chile has had a growth in the electric sector making it more demanding and competitive.  Power Up is a global sourcing firm in Chile that has developed cutting-edge technologies for combustion systems, thermal balancing of furnaces and boilers, and emission controls along with other advanced technologies.  Rapid response, fulfillment of supply deadlines, and technical experience have transformed Power Up into a trusted partner when it comes to stocking technology and spare parts for scheduled maintenance. Power Up strives every day to be the best, which is why Power Up has an excellent reputation with all their customers.

Argentina, Bolivia, Paraguay and Uruguay

LC Tech i

The new Power Generation scenario in Argentina has boosted the market bringing new opportunities to LC Tech, who focuses on providing high added value service.  LC Tech is based in Buenos Aires, where it covers Argentina, Bolivia, Paraguay and Uruguay.  LC Tech S.A. continues to consolidate into one of the leading suppliers of Technological Solutions for Power Generation in the region. With the ability to develop Automation & Control Engineering, Instrumentation, supply new DCS or retrofit existing ones, Intelligent Information Systems for industrial plants, and Related Services, 30% of the power generated in Argentina uses solutions designed by the Company.


The Colombian power sector is constantly growing to keep pace with the overall country’s growth in industry and population. The power sector in Colombia mainly has Hydro and Thermal power plants, with several cogeneration plants firing biomass, and a few developments of green energies like wind and solar.


Control Fluid is a system integrator in Colombia.  Established in 1994,  representing world renowned manufacturers serving local Industry.
Control Fluid provides reliable technology and services focused on helping the power sector be more efficient, more environmentally friendly and reduce maintenance costs.  Customers trust their capabilities to engineer, install and maintain the advanced technology of the industry leaders they represent to improve their processes.

Soluciones Auto

Soluciones Automáticas Ltda. is a company dedicated to providing equipment and solutions in the area of industrial automation and combustion systems in the Colombian, Andean and Central American energy sector markets.  Over 24 years, they have expanded to include offices in the city of Bogotá (main operations) Cali, Medellín and Barranquilla.  A specialized and experienced staff of electrical and electronic engineers carry out the projects of updating, modernization and automation of processes at national level.  In addition, they employee a group of commercial engineers trained by the parent companies of the brands they distribute.



Vorah is a trademark of RMA Tecnologia e Comercio Ltda., a private limited company established in 2010 in Sao Paulo (SP), Brazil, which resells Forney products. Vorah supplies components, accessories and original replacement parts for all Forney products.  Plus, they perform maintenance and field services, training, and technical assistance for all Forney products.  As a Forney distributor, they maintain a technical staff trained in the selection, specification and start up, for both pre and post-sales requirements.