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Upgrades to Forney’s Manufacturing Facility

Upgrades to Forney’s Manufacturing Facility

Forney Corporation began manufacturing operations in 2007 at its world-class plant in Monterrey, Mexico.  In recent years, Forney has made several additions to the facility to keep up with Forney’s expanding product lines and to maintain a state-of-the-art factory. Forney’s Monterrey plant manufacturers customized combustion solutions for the power generation and heavy industrial industries and is equipped to meet your most exacting requirements. Our ISO 9001-certified facility operates to the highest standards of quality control and plant safety. It offers full manufacturing capabilities allowing complete, high-quality fabrication of Forney burners, igniters, dampers, flame detectors/scanners, skids and associated equipment.

Increased Space for Larger Dampers

Over the years, as Forney’s product lines have expanded, so has the facility.  When Forney acquired the damper product line, it became obvious that a larger area with more maneuverability for the larger dampers was required. In 2016, an additional 6,700 sq./ft bay was added for manufacturing the large dampers and pressure vessels.  The bay has 2 overhead cranes with a 16,500 pound capacity each.  This additional space and lifting capacity gives Forney the ability to manufacture dampers up to 18 ft. x 24 ft. and stack dampers up to 29 ft diameter.

Once these large dampers are manufactured, they must be tested.  So in 2017, Forney built a damper test stand on-site.  The test structure allows the dampers to be stood upright and test the blade open and close function, to guarantee a perfect seal and actuator key variables on speed, temps and amps. In the same test we validate the pressure leak test at minimum pressure of 12 in H2O.

New Facility for Developing and Testing Combustion Products

In 2016, Forney opened its Combustion Research Center (CRC) on-site at the Monterrey facility.  The CRC has both a duct burner test chamber and a utility burner test chamber with a total firing capacity up to 50 MBTU/hr.  Customizable segments allow Forney the flexibility for testing different product configurations and evaluating design concepts for improved heat distribution, air flow distribution and emissions.  The design of the CRC incorporated over 140 test / view ports to accommodate the needs of R&D. The ports were installed every 12 to 18 inches to help accurately study all aspects of the combustion process and validate CFD models and methods. In 2017, the main gas line to the plant and CRC were increased to allow for testing higher capacities on our burners and igniters.

Clean Room for Manufacturing Flame Detectors

As Forney developed our latest flame detector, it was determined that we would keep the manufacturing of our PCB’s inhouse and dedicated an area of the shop to constructing a clean room for manufacturing our flame detectors.  The clean room provides the controlled environment required to manufacture using protocols and strict methods under ISO-8 Classification. Which means we only have up to 100,000 particles of 0.5 microns per cubic foot in the air. Humidity control between 45 and 60%, and AC temperature range from 21ᶜ to 23.8ᶜ, or 69.8⁰F to 74.8⁰F.

Top of the Line Welding Capabilities

Fully certified ASME stamps “U”, “S” and “R”; AWS and CWB welders at our Monterrey plant use an array of advanced AC and DC welding machines. These GTAW (gas tungsten arc) machines include pulse GTAW, orbital- and fixed-head GTAW for mechanized welding of piping, both semi-automatic and mechanized GMAW (gas metal-arc) and FCAW (flux core) plus PAW. We ensure compliance with industry standards with full Radiographic Testing (RT) and 100% visual inspection in accordance with ASNT Level II of all welding and leak testing of all pressure pipe and pressure vessels welds.

Machining and Sheet Metal Fabrication

Our experienced metalworkers are skilled in all grades of metal including carbon steel, stainless steel, Inconel, chrome moly, hastelloy, galvanize, aluminum and higher alloys using the latest cutting, milling, and turning equipment. At the service of your order’s specifications are

  • 2 high-definition plasma cutting machine
  • 2 conventional lathes
  • 3 CNC lathes (± .001”)
  • 3 CNC machining centers
  • 3 milling machines and
  • 2 (24”) Do all saws

In addition, our sheet-metal machines include 2 press brakes, one of them is 600 tons, 2 shearing machines, 2 sheet metal rolling machines and 1 CNC turret press.

Assembly and testing of mechanical and electrical components and systems

Skilled workers at ESD (electrostatic discharge) workstations assemble and test printed circuit boards, cable and wire harnesses, and complete BMS systems. The plant also installs and tests power supplies, fans, connectors and accessories. All electrical assembly work is conducted in accordance with UL / FM / ATEX standards. Our mechanical assembly operation capabilities include assembly of mechanical components, fuel train skids, blower skids, PRS skids, valves, controls, pumps, dampers, expansion joins and burner management systems.

Quality Assured

The Monterrey plant earned ISO 9001 certification in 2008 and has all widely recognized international certifications. These include certifications with ASME “U” & “S” and NB “R”, ATEX, UL, and FM Global. All welders are AWS/ASME certified for WPS, PQR and WQR, and their work is inspected by an on-site certified welding inspector. All inspections, non-lab non-destructive testing, post-weld, RT and hydrostatic testing are performed on-site by our fully trained manufacturing team.

Liquid Painting Capabilities

The Monterrey plant’s sand-blast booth and paint booth provide coatings for metalworking products with full liquid painting capabilities under controlled temperature. Sand-blast booth capacity is 4.7m x 12.7m x 4.1m (width, length, height), with similar capacity in our paint/oven booth (4.5m x 12.6m x 3.7m).

As you can see Forney’s Monterrey facility is more than just a machine shop with capabilities for sheet metal fabrication, welding, painting, mechanical, electrical, PCB assembly, research and testing facilities. Forney will deliver your custom equipment in a timely fashion, ready for installation, backed by widely recognized international certifications.