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Experience Reduced Emissions with Forney’s Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) Reheating System

It can be challenging to toe the line between meeting strict NOx emission levels and achieving target loads. For most plants, the typical solution involves operating at lower loads, which runs the risk of not yielding enough exhaust temperature to activate the catalyst. 

This is especially true for larger utility power plants with Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) that need to cycle up or down more often. While SCR duct burners make it possible for them to maintain sensitive temperature requirements needed to run the SCR safely, running the SCR outside proper duct temperatures can cause ammonia slips—leading to excessive waste output and a failure to meet emission regulations even at reduced loads. 

A bigger problem is that SCR duct temperatures have roughly a 100-degree temperature window for safe operation. Plants must operate within this temperature window or catalyst damage will occur, risking downtimes and failing to achieve load demands. 

Continuing to operate under these conditions can result in repeated emissions violations, leading to hefty fines. Environmental groups such as the Sierra Club are also fighting to stop the practice of bypassing the SCR when running at reduced loads. To support these efforts, groups like the Sierra Club are notorious for filing lawsuits and spreading bad publicity against offending plant operations.

Without an efficient solution, plants are generally stuck with unappealing options: add reheat burners to increase the exhaust temperature, pay the fines, ignore the bad publicity, or worst of all, shut down the plant.

Our team at Forney understands these problems and we work hard to provide more feasible solutions for plants facing this situation. We’ve developed a line of SCR reheaters to supplement flue gas temperatures that will keep you achieving target load requirements without risking your emission levels.

Forney’s SCR Reheater

As pioneers of external firing solutions, Forney provides options to guarantee SCR efficiency at lower temperatures. Our combustion experience has enabled us to design external and in-duct combustion equipment, eliminating problems such as slagging, ash build-up, and burner fouling which can lead to NOx emission problems. 

Our SCR Reheaters maintain a flue gas temperature that ensures the highest SCR efficiency and ease of use. Each reheater can be custom-designed for any application or use within existing systems. Our burners provide reliable and even heat distribution to the SCR for both low- and high-dust environments.

With Forney’s SCR Reheater, your plant can avoid downtime and operate more hours each year while minimizing ongoing operation costs and emission levels.

Industry-Leading Design

Forney technologies have extensive combustion experience that is proven and tested around the world. Forney engineering performs CFD modeling of heat distribution to ensure SCR efficiency for your specific plant requirements.

Customized Solution 

Our engineers are capable of custom designing and integrating the SCR Reheater that best suits your plant. Our engineers will work with your team to get you the external, in-duct, or perimeter-fired SCR Reheater system that works best for your plant.

Reduced Cost 

A flue gas reheat system can provide significant cost reductions for your plant - you’ll save the expense of installation and loss of efficiency experienced with an economizer bypass system, plus the added savings of avoiding paying for state and federal fines.

Ease of Operations

Forney’s SCR duct burners help maintain sensitive temperature requirements and work within set temperature windows needed to run the SCR safely avoiding downtime.

Immediate Results

Our SCR reheater can provide noticeable results immediately after installation, commissioning, and tuning. Once installed, your plant can begin to meet load demands without worrying about excessive emissions problems. 

Reliable Service

Forney service engineers provide support and periodic maintenance to ensure your system will deliver reliable operation for years to come. We leverage decades of experience to help plants like yours produce consistent output and meet even the most volatile load demands.

About the SCR Reheating Burner Systems

External Burner System

Forney pioneered the external firing solution. By designing the combustion equipment to operate outside the boiler flue gas duct, this solution is ideal for high ash environments. Slagging, ash build-up and burner fouling will no longer be a problem. These burners do not increase system pressure drop, making them ideal for retrofit applications.

In-duct Burner System

When an external SCR reheater system is not an option, particularly in low-dust flue gas streams, Forney provides a compact in-duct burner system for flue gas temperature control. This solution minimizes heat input requirements by providing even heat distribution. 

Perimeter Burner System

Combining the benefits of both external and in-duct burner systems, Forney’s perimeter-firing system injects a high-velocity stream with high temperature directly into the flue gas providing even heat distribution to the SCR for both low- and high-dust applications.

Forney SCR Reheating Specifications

The information listed below is the base specifications of the three main types of Forney SCR Reheater systems. After choosing one of the base models below, each system can be customized to fit the unique needs of your plant.

External In-duct Perimeter
Type Grid Style or Register Style Burner Grid Style Burner High-Velocity Burner
Applications High or low dust environments Space limited (register style) Low dust environments Augment air system High or low dust environments Short mixing length
Fuel Consumption Natural gas 17 scfm per MMBtu (1.64 Nm3/min per MW) Natural gas 17 scfm per MMBtu (1.64 Nm3/min per MW) Natural gas 17 scfm per MMBtu (1.64 Nm3/min per MW)
Air 850 scfm per MMBtu (82.2 Nm3/min per MW) 850 scfm per MMBtu (82.2 Nm3/min per MW) 670 scfm per MMBtu (64.7 Nm3/min per MW)
Location Modular Installation Installed in flue gas duct Installed directly onto flue gas duct

Ready to get your Forney SCR Reheating Unit?

If you’re considering purchasing multiple SCR Reheating units to ensure long-lasting and seamless plant operations, we also offer multi-unit discounts and extended warranties upon request.

Contact your local Forney representative today to learn more.

Multi-unit discounts for Utility Burners available

About Forney

Forney Corporation has over 93 years of experience manufacturing the safest and most reliable combustion equipment for more than 1,000 power plants in more than 100 countries. The quality and durability of Forney’s state-of-the-art front-end combustion components have been proven by customers in many industries across the globe. Forney igniters, burners, BMS, flame detectors, dampers, and duct burners have provided efficiencies and cost savings for plant operators in electric utilities, chemical processing, pulp & paper, and cement industries.