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Convert Your Fuel System for Increased Flexibility Using Forney’s Eagle Air II Coal/Gas Burner

In the colder winter months when demand for power is at its highest, many plants will ramp up production efforts and reallocate existing resources in an attempt to maximize production, achieve target loads, and avoid revenue loss.

If your plant utilizes both pulverized coal and natural gas as primary fuels, utilizing both fuels together in the same burner is an easy way to maximize production and reach higher-than-average load requirements. 

However, a dual-fuel setup requires modifications, time, money, and support from top management - things most plants don’t have in excess, especially during winter. Furthermore, these operational adjustments are complicated - an improper setup can lead to unburnt fuel, poor airflow mix, and high probability of spin vane linkage lockups. 

Even with a proper setup, dual-fuel systems often result in operational strains, higher emissions, and eventual burner damage, leading to more frequent needed repairs and an overworked crew. For many plant owners and managers, these complications make the hassle of facilitating two fuels outweigh the benefits.

On the other hand, plants with outdated and poorly-maintained single-fuel burners typically lead to high LOI and NOx numbers that can test your plant's current environmental and economical position, creating a seemingly no-win situation.  

To manage these competing objectives and avoid repeated replacements or repairs, plants should have burner units that can effectively accommodate both coal and gas fuels within the same space. To help plants maximize efficiency through the simultaneous use of pulverized coal and natural gas fuels, Forney’s engineering team developed the Eagle Air II Coal/Gas Burner. This unit was specially designed to cycle through both fuels on varying load and supply conditions, ensuring the seamless use of both coal and gas in a single burner without being subjected to the stress and damage of most traditional dual-fuel setups.

Forney’s Eagle Air II Coal/Gas Burner

Leveraging Forney’s years of combustion equipment design, we partnered with Storm Technologies, a company that specializes in large utility boiler performance optimization, to offer a powerful and convenient solution:

The Eagle Air II Coal/Gas Burner

The Eagle Air II is a cost-effective option to seamlessly convert single-fuel systems to work with both pulverized coal and natural gas simultaneously. 

Our Eagle Air II Burner has more effective coal flow into the burner throat which allows for better flame balance. It also has stronger flame anchor stability with close to 100% combustion resulting in lower LOI and NOx.

  • Ability to fire both coal and gas fuels
  • Good turndown for low load operation during off-peak hours 
  • Minimizes cycling
  • Ability to stage the gas and coal for improved combustion and emissions
  • Reduce the need to retire coal plants especially units less than 300 Mw’s (based on industry review)

Eagle Air II Coal/Gas Burner Advantages

Combined Excellence

Our engineers have nearly a century’s worth of experience designing innovative combustion equipment. For the Eagle Air II burner, we combined this experience with the large utility boiler performance optimization expertise from Storm Technologies. This unique package created a solution that delivers the best steam power generation standards for quality and results.

Convenient Dual Fuel Capability

One Eagle Air II can fire two fuels in one space which allows for maximum plant operation convenience and efficiency. This redundancy also provides plants with more flexibility in adjusting demand as needed due to fuel availability or demand.

Better Plant Performance & Burner Durability

With its dual fuel capability, the Eagle Air II Burner allows plants to more easily scale up or down to meet fluctuating demand. Plants can utilize existing resources without the need to retire coal plants or invest in entirely new solutions to improve performance metrics. 

Additionally, Forney’s dual-fuel burner is more durable than alternative dual-fuel setups, providing for a long-lasting solution instead of a short-term patch.

Reduced Costs 

Eagle Air II’s flue gas reheat system can save your plant from the expense of frequent burner repairs, tight maintenance schedules, burner modifications, wholesale replacement, and high LOI and NOx numbers.

Reliable Support

Forney service engineers provide expertise and periodic maintenance capabilities to ensure reliable operation. With field offices and sales representatives around the world, Forney can easily provide reliable service with local product and application support to customers. 

About the Eagle Air II Coal/Gas Burner Design

The following features are made possible by the Eagle Air II Burner Design:

  • 100% capacity from either coal or natural gas
  • Multiple Zones of secondary air to allow for combustion and NOx tuning
  • Scroll type inlet for secondary air to introduce initial spin
  • Burner Venturi to assist with distribution and lessen the impacts of coal roping before the burner
  • Spinner/Spreader with adjustable depth for tuning
  • External ratcheting adjustment with an indicator for accurate setting of Spin Vanes

Forney Eagle Air II Coal/Gas Burner Specifications

The information listed below is the base specifications of the Eagle Air II Coal/Gas Burner. The data below assists users with customizing the system to best fit their plant.

  • 100-300 MMBtu Range
  • Coal and Natural Gas Firing
  • Capable of firing 100% capacity coal or natural gas
  • Multiple zones of airflow with control of proportions and spin to allow tuning combustion and/or NOx
  • Critical for Staging, Tuning, and Optimization
  • Secondary Air Inlet allows accurate control of each burner with provisions for airflow measurement

Ready to get your Eagle Air II Coal/Gas Burner?

If you’re considering purchasing multiple Eagle Air II Burners to ensure long-lasting and seamless plant operations, we offer multi-unit discounts and multi-year warranties to provide customer assurance.

Contact your local Forney representative today to learn more.

Multi-unit discounts for Utility Burners available

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