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What’s new at Forney – 2Q Newsletter

quarter newsletter

Welcome to our second quarter newsletter, we have several exciting developments to share with you. In this edition, you’ll see articles on a major conversion to gas from oil at Orlando Utilities, a new startup for our Eagle Air coal burner in Guatemala, and recent successes with our flame scanners in India.

The feedback from our first newsletter has been very positive with customers asking for more case histories and examples of how our products are used. Thank you for your feedback as we work to make this newsletter both informative and interesting for you.

One of Forney’s core strengths is our technical know-how and experience in providing a wide range of burners. We have 90 years of experience in providing oil, gas, refinery gas, Syngas, Hydrogen, and coal burners to clients around the world. Our products can deliver from 1 Million to 1 Billion BTU’s per hour (300 KW to 300 MW) via in-line, register style, igniter tubes and other kinds of burners. In addition to our off-the shelf designs we also develop custom products based on your unique needs. Over the years we have continued to innovate and have been awarded several patents for our unique designs.

A quick update on our recent acquisition of Damper Design products. You may have heard about the fire at Monocacy Fabs, the former owner of the Damper Design product lines. While this incident did impact the production transition of Damper Design products to our facility in Monterrey, Mexico, we are now moving full speed ahead. We’ve shipped our first production run from our facility and look forward to many more in the future. The Engineering team from Damper Design is relocating to our offices in Dallas and will begin converting engineering designs to Forney standards.

Construction is underway at our Monterrey plant on the new Forney Combustion Research Center (CRC). This will be a state-of–the-art facility where we can simulate customer operational environments and develop new products. Watch for future articles that will provide more details on how you can benefit from this Forney resource. We welcome all of you to tour our new facility once it’s operational later this year.

Finally, we also exhibited at Power-Gen Europe in Amsterdam for the first time in June this year where we met with many OEMs and EPCs.  This is just one piece of our renewed commitment to the EMEA market. Hakan Gotherstom, VP EMEA Sales also held a sales meeting for all EMEA distributors in Dallas and we toured the production facility in Monterrey. We look forward to working with our EMEA partners in the near future.