Expansion Joints

The Forney high performance, serve service expansion joint is designed to take the most extreme movements without inducing unneeded loads into the adjacent duct.

Forney designs round or rectangle expansion joints that are built to the customer’s dimensions.

When selecting an expansion joint it is important to understand stress induced loads passing from one flange to the other thru the expansion joint.  Compression, expansion and lateral movement are critical in a long lasting, low maintenance duct system.  Forney takes all these factors into consideration when designing our expansion joints.


  • Round or rectangle designs
  • Built to the customer dimensions


  • Designed to handle direct temperatures of 1,000°F (538°C) without compromising the performance.


  • The Belt is constructed of multi-layers of Hastelloy C-276 foil, 316 stainless steel mesh and high temperature fiberglass cloth.
  • The Belt is bolted to the frame with 304 stainless steel bolt or studs making belt replacement easier by not having to deal with corroded hardware.