Blower Assembly Skids

Flame detector heads, igniters, and other equipment mounted at the boiler front typically require a continuous flow of low-pressure air.  Forney’s skid-mounted blower assembly provides air to these burner-front devices.

This air flow serves two purposes:

  • It helps protect electrical and mechanical components from heat damage.
  • It prevents smoke, ash, soot, and other debris from accumulating in the end of access tubes that penetrate the boiler wall.

The complete Blower Assembly is factory wired and tested. The motor starter cabinets contain hard-wired, fan-transfer logic in the event low blower outlet pressure is sensed by the two pressure switches.

A typical skid-mounted blower assembly consists of the following components (see drawing):

  • Blowers – Two 100% capacity blowers (blower manufacturer varies by application and customer preference).
  • Motor Starters – Two cabinets which provide either local or remote control.
  • Lights – “Running” and “Standby” indicating lights for each blower.
  • Logic – Standby logic for the idle blower.
  • Pressure Switches – Two Static-O-Ring pressure switches for detection of low pressure and transfer to standby blower and one to provide “pressure adequate” signal.
  • Skid – One common skid with the two factory-mounted blowers.
  • Piping – One “Y” piping and check valve damper to common outlet.
  • Optional – Fan inlet air filters.

The blower arrangement is a direct drive (i.e., arrangement 4) type; however, other arrangements are available for special applications. The blower outlet flange is full-seal welded and matches ANSI Class 125/150 hole pattern. The blower outlet connection is a dual taper design for low noise levels. The blower wheels are a radial design which develop a flat curve for stable performance even at low turndown ratios.

  • EASY RETROFIT – Blower skid contains all components mounted and ready for operation.
  • BROAD CAPACITIES RANGE -Blower capacities of 300 to 3000 SCFM with automatic fail-over capabilities to the standby blower.
  • EASY MAINTENANCE – Skid components are name brand, industry standard, designed for easy access and maintenance.
  • SUPERIOR PERFORMANCE-Radial wheel design produces a flat curve over the range of air flows.