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Forney utilizes a side-fired design for our oil duct burners.  This design has proven to be the most reliable over the life of the product and features:

  • Self-Checking Flame Detectors / Scanners
  • Patented mixing technology with customized baffles
  • Multi-Platform Burner Management Systems

Applications / Fuels

  • Light oil,
  • Biofuels, and
  • Blended fuel oils (upon review of fuel composition)

Scope of Supply

All Forney Oil Duct Burner Systems include:

  • Oil Burner Assembly
  • Side fired oil burner with swirler
  • Dual Shut-off Quick Disconnects for atomizing air and oil
  • Full port ball valve for on-line oil gun removal
  • Castable Refractory lined throat
  • Retractable HESI igniter with pneumatic cylinder, solenoid and limit switch
  • Flame Detector / Scanner
  • Manual Combustion Air Isolation Valves
  • Oil Fuel Control Skid
  • Main Oil Fuel Train Assembly
  • Atomizing Air Train Assembly
  • Instrument Air Train Assembly
  • Safety Interlock Equipment – Transmitters / Switches
  • Local Junction Box including switches / interlocks designed into BMS
  • Scanner Cooling Air Blower Skid
  • Combustion Air Blower Skid (optional)

Note: Due to the high temperature radiation of the oil-fired flame, the duct sidewall, from the gas element to ten (10) feet downstream, must be insulated with Pyro-Bloc or Refractory.

Features & Benefits

  • Combustion / cooling air to alleviate flame instabilities from TEG flow variations
  • No pilot gas train required – HESI
  • Low CO with customized baffle section