Mechanical Systems


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Fuel-skidForney’s mechanical systems combine our industry leading igniters and flame detectors with a full range of support equipment including fuel skids, air blower assemblies and valve racks.

Customers looking to modernize their power plants can take advantage of Forney’s design team expertise to manage the complexities of this transition. Utilizing Forney’s comprehensive product suite, our design team has the flexibility to target your specific upgrade needs.

For new construction projects, Forney leverages the same design team expertise and offers the convenience of a single source supplier for your burner front equipment.

Ammonia Flow Control Skid

  • An Ammonia Flow Control skid conditions and meters the flow of aqueous ammonia into the emission control process.  Large high temperature blowers draw dilution air to the skid from the exhaust duct of a gas turbine, either directly or through an air tempering coil.  Then an on-skid electric heater or air-to-air heat exchanger heats the air a minimum temperature prior to entering the vaporization chamber. The on-skid vaporization chamber is where a metered quantity of atomized ammonia is introduced to the high temperature dilution air steam, vaporized, and transported as a homogenous mixture to the point of delivery.
  • All equipment is mounted on a single skid, fully piped and wired to a single point connection, where the field connection will be completed when the skid is placed on its foundation.