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Low NOx Burners Support Fuel Flexibility at Guatemalan Sugar Mill

While sugar is universally appreciated for its ability to appeal to the human palate, the production of sugar is not without its environmental challenges. The boilers used at various industrial plants …

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Orlando Utilities Commission Ignites Shift to Fuel Diversity

As market conditions and environmental requirements increasingly push generation asset owners to deploy fossil units in cyclic operation, fuel flexibility provide one plausible pathway to continued vi …

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Let Forney Field Services Support Your Coal-To-Gas Conversion

Demand is growing for fuel conversion from coal to gas in utility, industrial, and institutional boilers to comply with stringent new standards for carbon pollution under the EPA’s Clean Power Plan. F …

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Premier Forney Newsletter

Welcome to Forney’s first Quarterly newsletter. Our goal is to provide you with useful information on Forney’s activities and insight into industry leading projects we’re implementing. This quarter we …

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Forney’s World Class Manufacturing Plant in Monterrey, Mexico

In 2007, Forney Corporation began manufacturing operations at its new world-class plant in Monterrey, Mexico, and we think you will want to see it. A complete machine shop with capabilities for sheet …

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