Combined Cycle Plants


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For Cogeneration or combined cycle plants, Forney offers burners, igniters, dampers and controls to help improve your process efficiency.

Forney’s turbine igniters and flame detectors are specifically designed for reliable use on your gas turbine.
Forney can provide HRSG Diverter Isolation and Bypass Damper Systems. Our multi-blade damper configuration allows the HRSG to be slowly brought up to temperature with uniform heat distribution for the best efficiency
On your HRSG, Forney’s duct burner line provides clean combustion for supplemental firing of turbine exhaust gas, as well as fresh air and other process streams to provide additional heat input for your process.

Our duct burners integrate quality engineering and the latest technology, combined with Forney controls to provide high-efficiency and low emissions.

On the burner front, Forney utilizes our premium components including, dependable UV flame detectors and stainless steel MaxFire® igniters with High Energy Spark ignition for reliable light off every time.

Inside the duct, Forney offers several types of burner arrangements to meet the needs of your plant. All Forney burner elements and baffles are constructed from stainless steel for years of reliable operation. The patented adVantage Duct burner is the choice for the most demanding conditions of advanced gas turbine applications, through our patented mixing vortices we can maintain low pressure drop and low CO and VOC emissions.

Forney’s duct burner system includes everything that your plant needs for a fully integrated system including isolation valves, interconnecting piping, local or remote Burner Management System, NFPA 85 compliant fuel skid, and redundant scanner cooling air blowers.